Hello all,

I’m in the process of revamping and revitalizing my site. I’ve added an “About Me” to the right sidebar which has links to all my social networks. Check ’em out. And also, please excuse my indecisiveness as I figure out what I want to do with http://www.hassettack.com

In the past, this has been my website to display homemade items I’ve had for sale as well as a shout out space to the various photos, drawings, projects and galleries I’ve been a part of. I’m keeping those pieces of my history on the site–visit them at the top of the website under the different pages titled “publications & projects”, “sewing & knitting” and “yesterday’s blog”. I’ve been exploring other things for the past 5+ years…mainly social work, graduate school and now full blown/full time [social] work in the big city o’ Boston. I won’t be writing about that work in detail on this site since the lives of the people I work with are vulnerable and not my story to tell. I will perhaps reflect on my own responses to being in the thick of a gritty city, working within a tangled system with some of the cities most vulnerable, resilient, persistent and inspiring human beings.

For now, my present day updates will all be on this Home page. I may begin archiving posts onto different pages as they accumulate, but it’s all an experiment for now. It’s been a few years since my last post (and by a few I mean six). I’m not sure I’ll be generating the material I used to pre-social work, but I’m feeling the need to reconnect to my CREATIVE self. Not to be confused with my private, journaling, deep-dark-thoughts self. I don’t want to scare y’all with that shit, so those writings remain handwritten in a good old fashioned bound book. As for this site: I’ll keep it rated PG-13 and HIPAA compliant.

Email me with any requests or inspirations of your own!

Me at age 5ish, with a Catfish. I was disappointed that it took me what seemed like HOURS to catch something other than a boring Pickerel.



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