Poetry Project With Lisa

My friend Lisa introduced me to the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program. This year’s Poet Laureate, Mark DeCarteret, invited poets and artists to collaborate  on a postcard project called “Wish You Were Here”. Lisa wrote a poem for me on the back of a blank postcard. She mailed it to me with the hope that I would create a piece of art on the other side, inspired by her poem. And I did!


When The Dairy Runs Dry

Click the photo to visit In The Fray Magazine. Read my article and view the slideshow!


Featured Artist in February 2010

I was the featured artist at The Good Tern Cafe in Rockland, Maine for the month of February 2010. The above clip is from The Free Press. Below is my artist’s statement.


The cows in these photos belonged to another dairy farming friend of mine, Wayne Cunningham. I’ve worked off and on for Wayne milking cows since I was in 8th grade. I bought my first pet cow from him when I was in 6th grade and resold her to Wayne when I was in 8th grade.

The cows pictured in this series are from Wayne’s most recent herd, which was sold in the summer of 2009 due to the economic situation and a very poor haying season. Over 80 of the bovine girls were sent to slaughter in Pennsylvania with funding coming from a dairy farming cooperative called Cooperatives Working Together. (Their website is   I urge everyone to research this subject. Having been personally attached and connected to the cows, I found this financing of mass slaughter traumatizing. I hope my photos convey my love for these creatures as well as reveal the intelligence I believe they possess as a species.


The Bollard Cover Story

That’s my photo on the cover…!

Read theinterview with Joe Miller at The Bollard online.


Self Publishing My Book

$26.79 can get you a copy of my photography book about Joe Miller.

Click to Order.


Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Salt Gallery Opening 2008 with Joe Miller (photo credit: Christine Heinz)

Literary Review

Below is a review of my graphic novel, Fair to Middlin’.

The review is written by Maine poet Candice Stover.

Contact me for a copy of Fair to Middlin’.


The Times Record


Woolwich Days

August 13, 2009


Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

Visit the Making Strides website to find a walk near you.



I created these animated shorts  junior year at College of the Atlantic in an Animation class with Nancy Andrews.  I see all sorts of things I would do differently now (especially in the second one “A Journey Through Dementia Dimensions”…the beginning is WAY too long with the squirrel replaying over and over…stick with it though, there’s a plot twist). For the love of learning give ‘em a look as they are.


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