Sewing & Knitting

Snow Day Quilts

These are fun to make scrap quilts. Snow day quilts…because they can be made in a single snow day from work/school.

wool in use 11973_518491388391_1986225367_n quilt 2










Yoga Mat Bags

Get ’em while they’re hot!

img_00781 img_00931 img_01051

Email me if you’re interested in getting one:

Handmade Clutch Wallets

These handmade clutches are available here on my site. If you have color and pattern preferences, please email me with your specific requests and your official order.  You can also purchase these wallets at The Wyler Gallery located in Brunswick and Portland’s Old Port.

………(I learned how to make these wallets in a class I took at Alewives Fabrics)…….


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The Open Field’s Great Goose Egg Auction

The Open Field’s School Great Goose Egg Auction

Click the photo for the Open Field School’s website…displaying artist’s eggs to be auctioned off as a part of their annual school fundraiser.

From their website: “Children learn most successfully when they are free to do their very best, free from excessive competition with their peers, and free from the fear of failure. Failure to master something the first time or failure to be “first” must never mean disgrace, but must mean simply that it is time to attack the problem or skill again, with humor, determination, and courage.”


Felted Bowls

Felted bowls. I’ve started making TALLER ones, standing at about 8 inches. The smaller bowls (like the green one and bowls in the windowsill) are roughly 5 inches high. Email me to order.


Draftstoppers for windows and doors made with different patterned fabrics & filled with sand. Made to order. Email me to place your order.


Reusable Grocery (all purpose) Bags

Vertical Style

Email me to place your custom-made order. Prices range from $12-20, depending on the size.


Coffee Mug Cozies

Again, email me to order.

Keep Your Hands Safe
‘Round the Handle

6 thoughts on “Sewing & Knitting

    1. Kate, are you still making wallets and those cloth bags? If so, I need a wallet and a wicked colorful bag. BTW, so nice to see all these creations again. love love love

      1. Thank you, Barbie!!! Love love love back at ya. Sadly, I haven’t made the wallets in YEARS. I could potentially make you a “wicked colorful bag” though!!! What size and style? I’ve been making yoga mat bags lately, so I’m in the groove of bag making. Give me an idea of dimensions and color preferences and I’ll see what I can do. xoxoxoxox

  1. Hello,
    I just purchased one of your wallets today at Wylers and I absolutely love it. I’m an avid sewer and artist. I was wondering where you get your lovely fabrics?
    Hope this finds you well.


    1. Oh my goodness…did I never reply to you, Martha??? Well…hopefully you are still an avid sewer and in need of fabulous fabrics. I always bought mine at Alewives Fabrics in Damariscotta Mills, Z Fabrics in Portland and occasionally at Marden’s in South Portland!

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